Monday, June 29, 2009

The Hand

It is often said that the art, the song, the book are already here. Art floating around in the air perhaps. We as artists and writers just act as mediums to bring the work forth. You may even ask the painting before you begin..."What do you want to be today?" Then allow it to emerge.

This is the original of a drawing/painting I did the other day.
Being an out of practice artist I usually don't like my work . This was no different. The folds of the fabric draping across her shoulder weren't quite right. Sigh... I put it in an editing program to enhance the color and take out some of the muddiness. Even though I wasn't satisfied with it, I ended up posting it with a new moon haiku.

The point is; my friend Judie ask me about the hand holding up the dancer. What did it mean?

Hand? What hand? I didn't draw a hand....
Catching my breath.
Then peering deeper into the picture there IS a hand holding her,
right down to the thumb nail. I had no idea it was there.
What does it mean?
Does it mean that my art comes from within me unaware?
Was it just floating out there waiting to manifest?
Does it mean there is a hand holding me up?
Is a hand holding all of us up?
Does it mean I'm oblivious?
This is a new blog.
I've just started doing art again after a long absence.
I need to refine my work. I need better technique.
Hang in here with me...
I might come up with something even if I don't know it.
This painting is a gift for Celtic Lady


  1. OMG, it took me a minute to see the hand as it was at once apparent to me. You see.....we all see things and we all don't see things. Art is viewed through so many various eyes and each person will see or take from it what they will. What we may see in our own work as not up to par, perhaps not what we intended or that we could do, in fact, just right to another beholder. I see no flaws here, I see no refinement needed....I see soul in this. I just didn't see the hand - which proves Judie sees with a more intense vision. Sometimes we just need to let the work speak for itself without our own commentary and let others see what they see.
    I haven't done any art lately...rather than force it I am letting it come to me. Allowing it all to emerge naturally is so imperative....I think!
    Love seeing your art, I am so glad you opened this blog again!

  2. that first line should have said it was at once NOT apparent to me.

  3. Incredible! After I read it, and looked again I saw the hand right away. Years ago I used to write poetry (!!) but I never felt as if it was mine because I would just sit down with a pen and the words would spill out. Afterwards I'd read it and wonder "where did that come from"....I think at times art is the same way. There is a hand guiding us....and now yours is visible!

  4. I didn't see the hand at first either!
    I love your new blog!
    We all (artists) must paint more to find our style, I'm so glad you are doing this again!

  5. Aloha Gemma..
    so much wisdom from a piece of art..
    thank you for sharing..
    peac,e kai