Thursday, August 6, 2009

Full Moon Magic

On the full moon last night I intentionally placed the
Earth healing disk from the Sophia Center on the lawn in full moon light.

The intention: a prayer to send healing wishes to our planet.

Also used magic contained in my new magic wand Lisa made.

Love, prayers, and healing energy for all of us.


  1. Lovely post. Peace and love to you.
    So Mote It Be

  2. Woosh! Thank you! We need all the healing energy we can get.

  3. Oh goshhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Did I ever need that!!!
    Gemma, you really sent that. Felt it. Thanks so much!!!
    (Beautiful wand!)
    BTW...was going to call everyone yesterday but left my phone book at the I'll have to do it tomorrow. xo

  4. Aloha Gemma, :P
    So it was you..I was minding my own business, when, in the middle of painting my bears..a rush of energy hit me like a tun of glitter!!
    I love the circles and the wand Lisa created for you is perfect for your mischief and magic!!
    peace, Kai xx

  5. I a m joyfully clapping and jumping and sprinkling sparkles all over! Your post makes me feel your wand!

  6. PS - It's still almost full (96%) but no moon watching tonight either. It's been cloudy Wednesday and Thursday nights and tonight.

  7. I haven't been around somehow I lost your blog address when I was trying to do something with my coffee pal list.
    "I know sometime it well worth leaving things alone"

    I sure like the terra cota look.

  8. Beautiful healing magic, Gemma - all of it!
    As you wish - woosh - so I wish as well :)

  9. fantastic Gemma.. you are pure magick!!!

  10. Lisa is a 100% amazing talented writer and artist!
    Adorable wand! lucky you!