Friday, September 25, 2009

Doing nothing

Here in the wide open zen of the Arizona desert
I do nothing.
You'd think that'd be easy.
It's not.
I reach nothingness in various ways.
Usually by concentrating on my breath.
However, nothing is always fleeting me.
Most times it only lasts a minute. Oops then a thought arrives.
If there is white noise in the background like a fan or water
fountain it lasts longer.

Here is my interpretation of doing nothing:

It is a reconstruction/deconstruction of an oil painting by Massimo Licata.
The "On a chair in a room" is the awareness of my body that never lets me fully escape into nothingness.
Fortunately I do have space between my thoughts....
even if they are brief.
With practice hopefully the spaces will expand.

How are you at doing nothing?


  1. Not so good at doing nothing, but I do find it possible to be peaceful, at least. Listening to the rythmic whishing of my blood reminds me of vast oceans....

  2. Beautiful post! I love your words and artwork to express the challenge of meditation. May the spaces between thoughts deepen!


  3. Good at doing nothing; not so good at clearing out my thoughts. I love your interpretation, Gemma, and I love the little house in your blog title. I find myself wanting to live there...Kind of like I always wanted to live in the cottage of the seven dwarves too. I guess I'm weird that way...

  4. I love your vision of nothing! And one minute here and another there begins to add up. It's like one minute, one day at a time and you will find your perfectly joyful nothing space!

  5. I love the spaces in your piece. The peace of the parts that make up the whole. At rest. Most of us are building this practice which is so incongruent to what we do on a daily basis. :) Love it, Gemma! :)

  6. Yes, a lunchtime "nothing break" is the perfect time of day to re-charge your batteries! Hopefully you will find a fabulous "no vacancy" sign to help facilitate your personal time.

  7. That's a very clever image. Yes, it does seem to be all about finding 'space'. Gives me something to think about (but not while I'm trying to do nothing!!)

  8. I like that image of space. What do I do when I do nothing? Probably just try to relax and get ready for whatever it is I have to do next. I love that image. Have a great weekend.

  9. sometimes i am very good at doing nothing.. other times, I fail miserably..

    maybe, oneday dear soul sis, you and I will meet and do nothing together xoxo

  10. Ohh I like your sensibilities. And I love how you interpret them.

    I was doing nothing in bed last night, trying to relax and clear my mind and body. I did an old yoga trick, relaxing every muscle from head to toe. I find the tongue the hardest. I think it's because my mind is talking.

  11. i love you thought of nothing. it's amazing how much joy can come out of nothing. looking forward to the truth!

  12. Love the image! I'm terrible at doing nothing. I try but I'm not good at "nothing" mind races at about 1000 MPH!

  13. I see we both have difficulty with nothing. The you tube video is the easiest way I have found yet. the music and photos of the mandalas really silence my mine with an occasional. How beautiful. pops up.

  14. What a beautiful expression of your experience of nothing! I look forward to seeing how you portray truth... many blessings!