Saturday, September 12, 2009

On reading deprivation

Trying to go without reading was nearly impossible.
I managed to make it a few days with less reading than usual.

Coming clean

-Reading is part of my job. Had to read those delicious childrens stories with the amazing and beautiful illustrations in them.

-I found myself in a hospital waiting room without a book.
My daughter was there for a procedure.
Panic! So I read People magazine and Smithsonian.
Oh and the newspaper was there, so I read the gardening section. Found out I can plant carrots and squash now and they'll be ready for Thanksgiving.

-Didn't read any blogs....that was the single most reading I gave up.

Reading less did free up some time for me to quietly feel the stirrings of my heart.
Some insights arose that may have been hidden underneath all of those words I read regularly. Reading is an escape and there are places in me that I do not want to escape from. Now that they have been identified. I can nurture those special places
and then read!

This task is finished.
Going to visit blogs now.
See you soon!


  1. So glad that this is a task you could not accomplish. I could no more not read than not breathe. I was wondering how you would do it, being a teacher and all! (Tho some football coach/teachers I had in high school, I wonder how much they ever read!)

  2. Hope your daughter is doing well. It's good that you know yourself so well. I sometimes have a difficult time understanding myself.:( Have a great Sunday.

  3. I didn't even try this one! I knew I'd fail miserably because I read every night before I fall asleep. Good for you for giving it a whirl for a few days.

    I hope your daughter is ok.

  4. i lasted oneday... hope your daughter is ok xoxo
    enjoy nurturing those special places that you discovered..xoxo

  5. I think reading would be such a hard thing to give up. Often times we do it without realizing it (signs, notices, school papers, etc.). But so glad you learned a few things about your hidden places! Healing wishes for your daughter too! And thank you so much for "introducing" Julie to me!

  6. I managed to not read blogs and e-mails for about 24 hours before I said to heck with this. Glad you did what was right for you!

  7. A reduction in reading is about all I can ever manage. When I DO manage, I am far more productive in other areas of my life, but oh I just LOVE to read.

    Hope all is well now with your daughter. Every thought is a prayer for healing.

  8. I wouldn't last a day without reading.
    It is the one of the things I treasure. Before bed each night I read for an hour, or until my eyes get heavy.
    I hope your daughter is okay..?

  9. Hope all is well with your daughter, Gemma. I love reading. Glad you can return to it!
    p.s. remember when you wondered about the birds on the telephone wires - how they look like music, and what notes would make? There's a link to some of their music on my post today.