Thursday, June 3, 2010

Art room CLEAN:
All of my paint boxes are reorganized: w/c together, acrylic together, wire box sorted,fabric folded and put away,beads sorted,pens and pencils all work
....Oh yes it feels good.

Time to create!


  1. Woweeeee! It looks great gemma. I'll have to do a shout out for you. Outstanding! You are all set to create. I sat in the studio today and just looked. I didn't want to take out any thing at all because I didn't want to mess it up. Now what do I do. Tee Hee. Way to go Gemma. Now go and create!

  2. Great job Gemma.
    Want to come and do mine?
    Have a great weekend, creative or otherwise.

  3. OH, I LOVE your art room, Gemma! I checked out the previous post so well done on the big clean-up too.

  4. That looks great, Gemma!! I heard from Gloria that you had also decided to work on some clutter clearing this week. That must feel so good. I can't wait until I start seeing some difference in my decluttering. It'll be awhile for moi as mine spans my whole place (embarrassed grin). I've been working on it, though.


  5. I gave you a shout out on my blog as well.

  6. Gemma it is nice to see where you create!I wish you much inspiration!hugs

  7. super cool!
    i am being good too