Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Re no va tions

Title looks like I'm going on a vacation to Reno.
Lee and I have started some more renovations on our home. We put the new patio on in the spring
which has been WONDERFUL this summer. Now before the rainy season we want to re-roof  our house.
The desert heat plays havoc on the homes here.
I always look for signs and symbols in my life that coordinate with things going on.
For example.....my husband is balding,
My hair is not as thick as it used to be,
we need a new roof.

Funny how that works.eh?


  1. Tee Hee Gemma. I've noticed that my hair is definitely not as thick as it once was. Sounds like you have lots of plans. That's cool because without plans we really aren't inspired. That is so funny though about the signs of your roof and your hair.:)) I like your blog. Mine is so busy, I may just toss everything out and start all over. Have a great Wednesday. Take care.

  2. That's very funny, Gemma. Has me laughing out loud. Life is just full of patterns and connections isn't it?

  3. sounds to me like you are very intune with your home :)