Sunday, October 17, 2010

Balance a process not a destination

For so long I wanted a room of my own....a studio, a place to do art, dream, read, meditate and enjoy a little solitude. Maybe you remember when that was a high priority to me. I wasn't caring for myself as much as I was donating my time to others. Sound familiar?
That was a few years ago when I had FULL NEST SYNDROME.
(My children, grandchildren and husband all wanted a piece of me.)
Now that everyone is out on their own (except Lee of course),
I have my own room and time to myself.
Is that what I wanted?
Yes and No!
What I needed was balance.
Don't get me wrong, I love my room .....but I don't spend all of my time in there.
My family is still a priority but I no longer need to micro manage details.
There are other important things that call me to attention as well,
wanderlust, care for the Earth, my spirituality, my community and to be a good human.
It takes:
It is on going.
For me balance is a process rather than a destination.
Things always seem to come along to tip the scales.

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  1. Oh I love my studio. I like my quiet time in there. Lately I haven't been able to get in there other than for painting the walls etc. I have to have my space, it gives me the freedom that I need. My family will always be a priority but now I just like what is going on in my life. Everyone has their time, this is my time. I love it!!