Thursday, April 28, 2011


 Pure JOY to see and be in the presence of fabulous art. These pieces were created by elementary school 3rd grade students.  They were shown at our school art show last night.
 Several pieces were chosen to be purchased by a VIP who was there.
The art shown here are not the official winners but equally as JOYFUL don't you think?
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  1. gemma...we are both singing the praises of art in the schools!
    come on over,your vote equals $50,000 in fine arts funding!!!

  2. thanks gemma!
    today we are sharing and supporting jOy!!!

  3. These are fabulous, Gemma! I love the freedom and color of children's art.

  4. Very cool!
    These reminded me of artwork done by some elementary students years ago when I was still teaching. They brought me joy then, as well as now! Thanks for the wonderful blast from the past and for supporting art in the schools!

  5. What a wonderfully alive post, brimming over with colour and enthusiasm. I never tire of Kids' art!