Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One heart

Tonight my heart is soaring.
recuerda_mi_corazon rebecca has shared her beautiful winged heart with me and with the world.
What would you do if you won this generous heart?
~Admire it's beauty and the love it  promotes
~Use it to continue doing good things to help those in need...
~make sure it is displayed prominently to continue it's path of generosity.
~Sit with gratitude for those in our human family who care for each other.

I am doing all of those things.


  1. dear sweet gemma,

    truly you are so kind, so thoughtful. what could mean more to my heart than to continue to care and inspire others?

    love knows no bounds!


  2. I love this Gemma and there is no 0ne in the whole wide world who deserves it more than you.. it suits you. know why? cause you make my heart (and soul) fly xo

  3. Gorgeous winged heart art. How wonderful to be able to display such a beauty.
    Kat X

  4. Gemma,
    I am so very happy that you were the recipient of this beautiful heart because it matches your own. I believe that it has taken on the life and spirit of its journey and will continue in this way. I love that, and I am so moved that you have made such a fine choice. Each of us has an opportunity to offer compassion to others in every new day. As Mary Oliver says, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do. With your one wild and precious life? " Each day is a new lesson for me. You are a good teacher of hearts. Thank you!