Sunday, April 10, 2011

simple prayer

~nature beauty
Japanese Symbols are added to cloth with mindfulness and intention of each virtue.

The prayers were written on these cloths with a pure heart and an intention of healing.  Strung together they have been sent on the wind. They will fly until tattered and torn. The powerful prayer will always remain.

Please visit recuerdamicorazon  and aquatic angels for more ways to help Japan.


  1. I adore prayer flags and the intent you share so beautifully...our hopes and prayers sent out to the world on the winds.


  2. I love the intention and purpose in this art .... It speaks volumes about resiliency and fragility.

  3. thank you gemma....
    i have been making prayer flags in my heart...and preparing to make some to fly here at home.
    allowing their love and intention to fly fly fly into the hearts of all.

    thank you for your generous support to those in need. japan has our hearts!!!