Sunday, May 29, 2011

Electric Blue love that's true

 He said he wanted attention...
He had mine the minute I laid eyes on him 12 years ago.

BTW his Dad had my attention from day 1 as well.

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  1. He looks so cute! Experimenting with hair color is fun and it isn't permanent so I say let him have blue hair if he wants it....or green, or red, or whatever he likes. We all have to find out who we are and experimenting is how we do that.

  2. What is more beautiful than love at first sight for your guys? And how cool is it that your son is expressing his individuality with mom and dad both on board? Love it!

  3. Love that shade - it really suits him!

  4. I like it! is that your son & grandson?
    [thank God that I finally found a way to comment!]

  5. isn't this what we all desire? to be truly seen, to be deeply heard, to be "gotten".

    i love how your heart does all this and more!

  6. What a cutie!...and I remember someone with pink hair last summer...or was it the summer before?

  7. Both of these guys, your guys, are adorable. It's paradise to be a family! Thanks for sharing.

  8. A mother's love knows no bounds. I let my son grow his hair long when he was that age and I have a favourite photo of him from that time.

  9. I love it. Coincidentally, my 6 year old grandson coloured his hair blue last week for 'crazy-hair' day at school.
    Your son and grandson are good looking, kinda like you G.