Thursday, June 2, 2011


June 2011

My friend Gina sent me this photograph
It's a new moon
an auspicious time to start a new project
School is out
free time
I've been cleaning my my filing cabinets,
found some old papers and poems that had been saved.
Reading through this and that.
There is much I want to do this season.
Mostly I plan to
What are you doing?
Wishing you Joy!

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  1. I love when accomplishment and pure enjoyment are one! How fun it is when summertime allows old treasures to resurface...hallelujah for sure!

  2. Apparently a new moon solar eclipse, though I don't know the significance of that. And there must be a cleaning bug going around, because I've been weeding out my closets and rearranging, plus going through old papers and shredding what's shreddable and just giving attention to clearing my space. The decrease in clutter gives me joy.

  3. partial solar eclipse, then the new moon.. then coming is a partial lunar, then the solstice.. gee we are in for some energies for sure!! EN-JOY your time xoxo

  4. That is one fine photo, Gemma. I was close on the choir i.d. as it put me in mind of a Greek chorus found in the ancient plays.

    Have lots of fun this summer and be sure to go looking for all those wonderful shrines that live in your part of the world.

  5. Love the photo - they look open to receive...

    I hope the summer is full of joy-filled being !