Sunday, August 28, 2011

Postcards from Paradise

A wheelbarrow full of cactus
hot and sticky
117 degrees this past week
cooling down to 110 by Tuesday

Yes Paradise is HOT
Counting blessings and
Waving at you from the shade

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recureda mi corazon
Have a good safe week.


  1. I'm waving back from my cool house, sun went in today so had to put my long winter cardigan on! Still paradise comes in many forms not least this network of lovelies!

    Sue x

  2. oh gemma....wishing you wheelbarrows full of love.
    this is quite a sight!!! stay cool sweet friend and know i have you in my heart, rain and shine!

  3. how on earth did you get those jaggy balls in the wheelbarrow???
    The weather is crazy...Mother Nature is pissed.
    And I don't blame her!

  4. I hope that you stay cool Gemma. Lovely picture of cactus. Oh my goodness, find a pool or something!

  5. is it not autumn? I am thinking of you.. our summer is coming.. drink lots of lemonade.. suck on icecubes and let one dribble between your breasts...

  6. 117. I'm stunned. The highest it got here one summer was 112. And there was the memorable morning as we departed from Needles, CA at 8 a.m. and the temp was already at 120. I thought my lungs would get dried to a crisp before we made it to the car. I hope it is even color for you now.

  7. Cooling down to 110? Egads! I would be a wilted little weed in temps like that.

  8. I don't do well in high temps, especially when the humidity is high.

    LOVE the pic!!

    Stay cool,
    Serena :)

  9. What a sense of humor you have, my dear! "Cooling down to 110." Hahahaha! (But it's all relative, isn't it?)

  10. Waving a fan back at you!
    Sorry that I have not been regular in visiting but I've not been blogging..time seems to be slipping by so quickly..soon I'll be back in your corner of the world! love and light Anna
    Stay COOL!