Monday, August 15, 2011

Quail family

Out for a morning walk
Young ones are almost full grown
Love those sprouting top-notches


  1. We have a lot of quail. My husband raises them. ::waving to Serena:: How funny running into friends here and there. They move so fast they scare me. Hubby raises them and sells them to the local feed store. Have a great week Gemma.

  2. for some stupid reason blogger will not allow me to comment under my blogger account.. what I have been trying to say is: 'awwww cute' :) xo

  3. so glad you are part of my family

  4. They are sooooo cute Gemma. We dont have them in FL and first time I saw them was when I went to Carson City a few years ago. I was like...what is that bird?? It moves so faaaast!! Thanks for sharing. I have another family on my porch light. That has been a really busy place this year!

  5. Blogger won't let me post as myself so I guess I'll remain anonymous. Says I dont have access to this page. Sigh.....I musta been a bad girl! Betcha just betcha cant ever guess who anonymous is. LOL What's with Google lately, messing up Blogger??

  6. Love the bird family!
    (Thank you again for the wake-up call. I am awake now ;)