Sunday, September 18, 2011

photo safari street art

We desert dwellers welcome the cooler weather that allows us to open our doors and let fresh air into our homes. We also love the weather for the ability to get out there and explore all of the new things going on.
Such is the case when I ventured out to see some street art on 16th street.
building after building
Camera in hand I headed across town to see the Mexican American art that is blossoming on the streets and in the alleys of that neighborhood. About a full mile of buildings are painted.
even some gutters
Absolutely fantastic. My camera card is full of fabulous pictures I plan to show here during the coming months. Some of the work is political, much of it is spiritual. It is full of both joy and angst....

covered in paint
During my photo safari I found an awesome authentic taco stand. I had a portabello mushroom taco with cilantro,Jalisco cheese,and red onions, stopped off at the completely stocked salsa bar to add chipotle. YUM


  1. Cool street art! And the portabello taco sounds delicious.

  2. I love mural street art! I hope you'll show more pics over the coming days/week.

    Btw, your portabello mushroom taco sounded delicious...and, of course, the chipotle would have been the perfect compliment. YUM!

  3. That taco sounds delicious and the street art looks delicious - thanks for the eye candy!

  4. It is refreshing to live with doors wide open!Here I welcome the cool breezes..signs of autumn in the air!The Mexican snack..mmm!As an artist yourself I know how much you appreciate this street art and expression.

  5. Fantastic art. I'd love to see it in person, but isn't this the nice thing about blogging. I can visit here and see it.

    Your taco sounds delish! I love mushrooms.

  6. Oh my, this is some really different art. Who does this? Thanks for showing us. xoxoxo P.S. Hoping you make it to the south!

    I have so much trouble commenting on blogger any more that I usually just give up so dont think I am not visiting 'cuz I am!