Sunday, September 4, 2011

Postcards from Paradise

Staying in during our recent heatwave, I read two books by Anais Nin.
Her words speak deeply to me,excite me,shake me up.
This is my postcard from paradise.

The reason I am here at Postcards from Paradise each week
is because of our beloved rebecca.
recuerda mi corazon.
She is another whose words and heart thrill me completely.


  1. oh gemma...i remember the first time i discovered the writings of Anais. i also remember being a very young child accompanying my father into a store. it was crowded, teaming with busy people lining up a cash registers with their store bought plans for dinner. i was holding his hand...and looked from his eyes, deep pools of love and present mindfulness, into the face of a woman who was so distracted, so consumed i remember thinking, i never want to grow up to have such vacant eyes.
    i could not help remembering this pledge to stay connected to the current of life when i read the words you shared here from Nin.
    may we all sing out with a passion....shake the very air we breathe with love.

    thank you for your kind kind words and for being you, and here!

  2. This is beautiful. I haven't read Anais Nin since my junior college days. Maybe it's time to awaken.

  3. This is beautiful. Over morning coffee today, a friend and I talked about this very thing. We both tried to say what Anais Nin said. Whether or not we were able to articulate what we meant, we both walked away believing that this is the way to walk through life.
    Thanks for sharing this with us, and for sharing your paradise.


  4. You have spurred my interest, sounds wonderful, I will put it on my reading list.


    Sue x

  5. This is beautiful Gemma. I love Anais Nin as well.She had so many deep psychological insights about people and the lives of women in particular. Her writing is a kind of salvation I think for young women in their twenties coming into their own identity surely and older women who have still not found theirs because it was perhaps consumed by so many responsibilities and tasks along the way. Jung believed after all that individuation really occurred in the second half of life.

    I like this quote by her that I found

    "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."

    I think this might fit our little community.

  6. What a brilliant reminder for anyone who is going through the motions, but not tuned in to really living!

  7. What a beautiful post this is and I'd never seen this postcard of Anais Nin. It's so cold in the South Bay area of L.A. I'm using the electric blanket; you'd probably love that.

  8. I have never read her books. I absolutely love this postcard you have created. I had a hard time reading the itty bitty print, but it was worth the eye sprain! SO powerful.

    Wishing you a week full of happiness where you are able to live out loud beautifully. Love, Becky

  9. I am shaken by just the words on this card that you posted...very deep and thought provoking.hummm.Am I hibernating..