Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A candle burns in my heart like a star

To honor loved ones who have departed, my grand daughter Atilla and I
made a procession through the house to our ofrenda.

She carried flowers, I carried the candle which was used to light the other candles.

 She had a song she wanted to sing for the dead.
It was short and sweet and very sincere.
She placed flowers around the ofrenda.
Shown here are my Dad's Railroad hat sitting on a glittery laughing skull. Many photographs of dearly departed as well as one of my  beloved cat. A celtic cross to honor my family roots.
My mothers philodendran, poetry and 3 beans.

Corn bread is in the oven
A pot of beans are on the stove.
Some more family are coming by later to share stories.

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dia de los muertos


  1. Hi Gemma, so glad that you part of the dia this year. Love your ofrenda and the hat. How strange, I too have about 3 or 4 hats from my dad. Your dad's is a railroad hat and one of my dad's hat is his gardening hat, as well another is his chruch hat. It's wonderful to be able to share these memories and I love that your granddaughter Atilla was a part of this and what a beautiful name. Beautiful ofrenda Gemma.

  2. I can just picture you two walking through your house, carrying flowers, lighting candles and you sweet granddaughter singing...

    could it be more special than this?

  3. Beans and cornbread--a veritable feast! I'm sure those who are near but unseen approve and rejoice at your choice!

    The Veil Is Thin

  4. It will be nice to gather with family and share the stories they hold in their heart. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thank you for sharing your altar with us and the experience you had with your grand daughter...just lovely. I love the cornbread, beans, and family part!

  6. Gemma,
    I love that you actually had a small procession to the ofrenda. And the ofrenda is a beautiful one.
    I am so happy to be a part of this Day of the Dead celebration of the lives of those we've loved and lost.
    ♥ audrey

  7. gemma dear you are the light before the light. oh to hear that short sincere song! sharing traditions and stories with the younger ones is priceless, truly a light that shines in the heart like a star!

  8. It is so precious that you made your procession and remembrances with your grand-daughter. What a wonderful memory she will have of her ancestor, doing this beautiful thing with her. I wish you many more opportunities to carry out this act of love and passing down of the stories.
    Warm wishes from England! x

  9. I feel the warmth and see the glow of your candles across the ocean flickering in the beautiful light, may you have peace and comfort in your remembering.

    Sue x

  10. how wonderful that you could celebrate with your grandaughter! I hope you both have that opportunity for years to come!

  11. i imagine hearing atilla's sweet song
    was breath*taking...

    {{ love that there were
    3 beans!
    such a grand story, that.. }}

  12. Hey lovely :)
    What a superb offering and I love that you have your granddaughter involved...you are teaching her your ways which are just like you...BEAUTIFUL :)

  13. Hello lovely Gemma,
    Must come back later to read all!!

  14. I'm back now!! Gemma, what your granddaughter Atilla did in singing her little song durning your precessional brings tears to my eyes. Thank you both for sharing your experience with us here!
    I'm scattering happy thoughts to your dear departed father, your cat and also to you!!


  15. I love your ofrenda. What a wonderful experience you had celebrating with your beloved granddaughter.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  16. What a lovely idea to hold a procession to your Ofrenda which is beautiful!

  17. How beautiful, Gemma. I feel like I can almost hear Attila singing...Love that you had beans (I still remember your bean story, from a few years back). I love the symbolism - messages flowing both ways...

  18. Thank you for sharing your personal story and altar. I like your statement to the right as well: "there is a light within you"