Sunday, November 6, 2011

Postcards from Paradise

A Place of miracles
An open gate
Postcards from Chimayo New Mexico where I visited recently. Many people make pilgrimages to the little church in Chimayo for healing.
Looking beyond the threshold

Little adobe church built in a farmers field

Miracles happen here

Upon leaving Chimayo there is a room with hundreds of crutches and wheelchairs that the healed left behind.

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Postcards from paradise


  1. Lovely photos. Humble place for miracles.

  2. What a beautiful and amazing place! Can you feel the energy there?

  3. the first time i walked through those aged gates i was maybe 12 and completely transfixed...especially in that small room anchored with prayers, petitions, gratitude and old cast off crutches.

    thank you for taking me back to a place of miracles.

  4. I would love to visit there.. I don't have crutches.. except one around my heart...grief surfacing after 10 years can take its toll :(

  5. I have been to Chimayo and it was very inspiring. In fact, I stepped into a hole the room where the proof of miracles are displayed but my girlfriend Kathy caught me! We filled little bottles with stream water to bring to a friend who was terminally ill back in California. I'll always remember Chimayo as the place where we prayed for our dear, departed Donna. Your great photos have evoked a lot of memories.

  6. A friend of mine has told me about visiting Chimayo. Thank you for giving me the visuals to put with her descriptions of it.

  7. Just looking at your photos is very soothing -beautiful.

    Sue x