Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Mother's stocking

She made it from scraps. Midnight blue velvet, sparkling velveteen, a gold lame star and golden threads make a magi scene. She didn't make this stocking for herself, she made it for her family.
It was hung up every year. During family get-togethers,we were told to write little notes to stick in her stocking. This went on for 20 years or so. Mostly they are love notes to her and tell of thankfulness for each other. Some notes are hilarious. Often they told of births that year or sorrow when someone died. My mothers stocking holds a glimpse of our family history. She died in the year 2000. I inherited the stocking and lovingly hang it up every year. At family Christmas parties we still write notes which continue to bind us together.

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  1. Your mother's tradition is such a beautiful and unique one - such an incredible tribute to your family's legacy!

  2. oh gemma....
    your mother was a wise wise woman. i love her thoughtful that honors the sharing of daily life and a heart filled with gratitude.
    thank you for sharing your intimate family ritual which reflects so much endearing and enduring love.

  3. A note stocking! What a wondrous idea! What could be better than finding a handwritten note from a loved one on Christmas morning? Nothing, to my mind.

  4. Your Mother was a wise woman Gemma.
    I hope all the notes were saved ?
    I'm glad you are continuing the tradition.

  5. Your mother started a wonderful tradition and now you're continuing on with it. The stocking is beautiful and even more so because it holds so many notes and memories.

  6. This is a beautiful tradition...I love too that you have saved the notes. It must make you feel so good to carry on the tradition.


  7. Gemma, this is truly one of the most beautiful Christmas and family traditions I've ever read of.

  8. What an inheritance, and what a lovely idea to pass on, wonderful.

    Sue x

  9. What a family treasure ~ Beautiful photo of an awesome Xmas stocking ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ^_^

  10. What a great family tradition Gma... History in a stocking!
    Happy Holidays!
    Rosie =)

  11. I thought I was pretty savvy about traditions, but your mom's beautiful stocking and the notes you all shared each year is a very special and unique one. I'm so glad you continue the tradition. As I say so often, death does not end a relationship. Mom is right there still.