Saturday, December 3, 2011

A virgin a day #3

Praises sound through space and time
in everlasting, glorious rhyme:
Ave Maria.
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A virgin a day


  1. So simple an image, yet so beautiful. Is that tall slender one in the background also a Mary? Just wonderin'. Very nice.


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  3. Visiting your photos here this week, is like opening a lovely advent calendar, day by day, Gemma. Thank you ~ xo
    (hope that makes sense ;)

  4. oh lovely, filling me with peace!
    and your little clay chapel with the tiny tree of life candle holder, be still my heart!

  5. so so beautiful! I am so glad you managed to visit and leave a comment on my sharing - what a wondrous 12 days of instilling peace and inspiration this is!

  6. I believe I have caught the strains of that "everlasting, glorious rhyme"!

  7. What a beautiful vignette...the artist's eye and heart full pf love.

  8. Ave Maria. All of a sudden I remember our Uncle Pete singing this at our wedding in 1958 and I feel so blessed to have been married the 27 years that I was.

  9. Beautiful photo, Gemma! I always sing the song in my head when I see the words, 'Ave Maria'. :)

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  11. Hello Gemma,
    I love this image. It carries the warmth of home and hearth. The figure almost looks as though she is carved from wax ~ she has such a sheen on her face. I think it is the face that attracts me most. And her stance, so calm and peaceful. I love the wooden Cathedral tower next to her. Beautiful.

  12. The Praises here in this lovely way of sharing will resound forever I think, the ripple effect of our loving thoughts will be reaching far and wide. Like you said through space and time!

    Thank you

    Sue x