Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Follow My heart Paperdoll

This little "follow my heart" paper doll  was made for the Inspiration Avenue paper doll
challenge this week.
Saturday I am going to catch a plane with rebecca.
We are flying away to an art retreat in SanMiguel de Allende.
A place I have long considered a destination of a lifetime. 
Fourteen women will meet in San Miguel to paint with 
and to have fun
How's that for following my heart?

with love from me to you
Be back later with pictures


  1. oh have me thrilled!
    love love love your inspiration to follow your heart paper doll!
    i will be right beside you opening new and exquisite doors to bloom true!

  2. When I was a child I thrilled opening those little books with the pop-out dolls and a wardrobe of clothes, today I thrill at your excitement for all that awaits you, Blooming True!

    Have a wonderful time, wish I could come too in a gypsy skirt!

    Sue x

  3. Have loads and loads of fun Gemma. Awesome. A blogger lady I know lives in San Miguel de Allende. She loves it there so much. Safe travels.

  4. Wishing you an exciting time. Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful creations you will bring home.

  5. What fun and inspiration you are going to have! Have a wonderful and safe trip.

    I love this doll who represents all your hopes for this amazing experience!

  6. I hope I made it here in time to wish you a safe trip and a really fun and exciting art retreat. I can see you following this darling gal's heart to Mexico and your dancing shoe vacation, too!

  7. Just visiting from Inspiration Avenue - I love your paper doll. What a great take on the challenge - I hope you have her some where you can look on her often. Have a great time at the art retreat, and following your heart! x

  8. you lucky woman!! I am so very envious!! It is 28 hours' travel from here to Mexico! I have set my scope on 2013! Lovely entry for IA challenge

  9. Have enough fun for the both of us! And be sure to give Rebecca a hug and kiss from me. Your paper doll is fantastic...lovin' the gypsy skirt!

  10. My heart will follow your heart doll to Mexico and I wish you the very best of times at art retreat! You can never go wrong following your heart!


  11. Hope you are having a great time and making lots of lovely art. Will be back to see pictures..
    Hugs ♥