Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bloom true

Vases upon vases of
Beautiful blooming flowers,
some still tight in their buds
greeted us upon our arrival
in San Miguel de Allende Mexico.
As the week progressed
those buds bloomed right along with us.
It was an experience of a lifetime.
One I shall always treasure.
Painting and learning new techniques
from Flora Bowley.

Flora is offering an e-course that starts next week. Highly recommend it.
I am taking that class as well.  Yoga, meditation, music and layers of free flowing art. MAGIC!
Letting go, being brave, spirit and art and friendship connections, poetry, colors,  love, and kindness.

Flora's painting


  1. Those flowers are beautiful, Gemma! Lucky you taking a class with Flora Bowley...she is an amazing artist!

  2. Show us your painting Gemma!
    It sounds like a fabulous time. BTW I love the colour of that wall, where Flora is painting!
    hugs ♥

  3. Lovely painting by Flora. Nice flowers. Enjoy the class Gemma. Glad you have such great memories.

  4. Sounds like it will be magical! Have a great time absorbing it all.



  5. we will share the unfolding,
    F O R E V E R!!!

    right beside you on monday too!


  6. I'm so glad you got to go and BE there with a wonderful teacher! I visited her website after seeing your Facebook post.

    Keep painting! [I seem to be stuck in sewing mode now...the 3 new brandbabies are getting lots of things which I sew for them....still want to paint!]
    Hugs, Lila

  7. I recently learned about Flora on rebecca's blog. That class looks like a little bit of heaven on earth. I hope you enjoy every moment, and everything you learn.
    Thank you for your kind and encouraging comment on my blog. Blessings to you!