Sunday, March 25, 2012

Honoring Hestia

Honoring Hestia Goddess of home and hearth. She walks beside me often as I do my household chores. When I am truly mindful and want to be thorough, or when I question
how something should be done, I evoke Hestia. It's a way to bring the sacred to mundane chores.
It become's temple work.
She is always near. She helps me put that final polish on the hearth, helps me with details  I may otherwise avoid.

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  1. Looking at your collage and reading your words, evoked the sacred so powerfully! What a wonderful line : she helps me with details I may otherwise avoid. Thank you for bringing Hestia to transform our mundane into the sacred today.

  2. Very magical and mystical soul collage filled with power and creativity ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  3. dear gemma,
    i love all the hands in various tasks that are doing the work of nurturing and providing for others. beautiful honoring with wise words to inspire.

  4. I think we all invoke Hestia unknowingly as we do our everyday work. Its great that you have paid tribute to her, thereby reminding us to be thankful!

  5. I did not know
    of hestia...
    but I feel the Need
    For her...

    How can you teach me
    so much
    I Need 2 know?
    Over & over again ?

  6. Hi Gemma, I so appreciate this, at my time of life doing the same old chores year in year out becomes a yawn, and yet I feel the need to evoke some energy and zing to be able to feel as I did years ago. I used to be in-love with my home, seeking out interior design mags etc.

    So this post is very appropos for me!


    Sue x

  7. Lovely and inspiring! Hail Hestia!

  8. Such lovely thoughts, bringing the sacred to the mundane.


  9. As always you got me thinking. I usually don't enjoy housework but maybe if I change the way I think about it I might enjoy it more.

  10. Great collage Gemma.
    Hestia needs to accompany me on my daily round as I'm finding the everyday chores so mundane. I need to approach them from a new direction perhaps..!

  11. The idea of bringing a new point of view to mundane chores definitely intrigues me as I loathe it. You are, as always, a wise teacher ! XOXO

  12. Hmmm. Could I borrow Hestia? xo