Sunday, March 18, 2012

video postcard from paradise

Did we take the trail to get to this vantage point?
Of course not.
I went up the face of a cliff with my grandsons.
One who is camera shy
the other who is laughing in the wind.
Whew!!! Hiking with the boys.

Postcards from paradise


  1. Hiking! Wow ! great shots ~ You a far braver woman than I ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ^_^

  2. you are in my neck of the woods! you would not recognized it today, or be able to hike it! white.white.white!

  3. wow! I am impressed!! what a grand grandmother you are! I look forward to seeing your Hestea - she is my strongest archetype - even my name and my grandmother's names are derived from her! blessings

  4. GMA looks like you are in Sedona? Oh how I miss hiking. Have NOT done any this time round as my arthritis acting up.This visit has not been that great for me.The dust and pollen really got to my lungs. What's the best time to call..evening?
    Time with grandchildren so good for the heart strings!Great view from the top!

  5. snow day in prescott! no school!!!

  6. Wow, what a view. Good for you hiking with the grands!
    It looks spectacular, amazing colours too.
    Hugs ♥♥