Friday, April 13, 2012

Haiku My heart

Twenty Seven buds
bloom on my purple rose bush
haiku my heart true

Haiku My heart


  1. dear bloom true gemma,

    i cannot tell you how often i "saw" you in the courtyard while in san miguel. beaming in your overalls...paint flying in a soul dance of liberation. the abundance of your blooming rose...
    also delivers you perfectly to me.
    how blessed am i?

  2. 27 is my new lucky number!
    What is it that you can't do?

  3. My absolute favourite flower in the whole world is the yellow florabunda. I used to sing to mine that song by Joe Cocker, "You are so beautiful to me".

  4. I have just planted or should I say my love has just planted a purple climber, waiting is a blue shrub rose, don't you just love roses.

    BTW Joe Cocker used to play in a pub round the corner from my house, there you know how grey I am ;~)

  5. 27 eh? Okay, I believe you. Beautiful that you wrote about the abundance of roses soon to decorate your life, (and probably the tabletop).

    Peace to you.

  6. My roses have just started to bloom. I think I have this same purple rose in the front yard but it's a much smaller bush. Your roses are beautiful!

  7. So very pretty! My favorite rosebush is about to bloom here, one year it had 40 blossoms....but not that many buds now!
    Summer seems to be rushing towards us!

  8. swooooooning---->

    ~~~my purple rose bush~~~~

    fortunate U!

    {{ one can only imagine
    Huge Grasshoppers
    would do with that....


    just because i like you so much,
    i will not give them
    your address,

    do not worry,
    lucky flower*growing*woman!

  9. The colours are so rich and deep, love the photo of the roses! And your haiku ofcourse!