Monday, April 30, 2012

Mess Book Therapy

Over the weekend I messed around in my Mess book.....threw some paint at it
got some angst out...all in FUN of course
I came to the above page.....following the instructions I pulled out an old TIME magizine and what do I find on page 32?
A picture of the Berlin Wall.  Rather troubling....they are not tearing down the Berlin Wall. This is a picture of people building the Berlin wall.
I am supposed to make as many connections as possible with myself and this picture.
This is what I got:
People are working hard (I work hard)
Their work will eventually be destroyed (in time so will mine)
They are building a wall ( at times I put walls up no doubt)....although I don't want to admit that.
Wish the picture would've been of them tearing down the wall....
I would've liked that better.


  1. I was talking about the Berlin Wall at the weekend funnily enough. How I was so surprised at the speed at which the iron curtain came down. I always thought that something like that would take decades of slow change, but suddenly BANG! there it was gone... I truly was a momentous time.

  2. This is a great post! It really is like therapy, isn't it?!? (And boy do I need it!)


  3. Well, Gemma, they are making a mess, so there's another link to you. I haven't seen this page, so must look for it. The problem with this Book Group is that everybody posts such interesting pages I keep thinking, oh I'll do that next and the list gets longer and longer .......

  4. wow - you got a really tough photo, but I love the way you were able to find connections anyway. I agree with Jez - everybody's post is the page I want to do next! -Karen

  5. LOVE your new header! I've always had a thing for those hand-drawn maps and yours is great.

    You picked such a tough picture to work with. But I like that you were still able to find connections.

  6. don't forget the mess part.... but nice work on the parallels... and I love your header.... very cool...xx

  7. Loved how you were able to find connections - even to such a terrible event!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. gma: Fist of all I LoVe your hand sketched Header!
    Having been to your world I identify with it!
    This was an interesting excercise with the torn out page!