Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stormy weather

We are in the midst of a drought here in the desert .
The theme for  Inspiration Avenue :
stormy weather.
We get very little rain.
Usually our weather is warm and dry.
and I LOVE it.
Desert storms comes in the form of
called "haboobs".
Literally one mile high walls of dust roll across the desert.
followed by rain.
Take shelter.
Car washing is mandatory after a haboob.


  1. {{ is this
    an april fool's day joke?
    i will need to follow your links
    & see... }}

    we get Extremes
    like nobody's business
    & down here
    in florida...

    wild fires & droughts
    followed by hurricanes...

    what can one do?

    i love my home*state,
    leaving and coming back,
    leaving and coming back

    must B
    some circadian rhythm thingy...

  2. We don't have haboobs here but sometimes the dust really blows. Last night we had rain and today it's extremely windy.

    I like the peeled/cracked paint in the picture.

  3. I kept wondering how you got that great texture effect. I love it. It truly represents the dry, scorched earth we experienced last summer, fall, and winter. Nice representation of stormy weather.

  4. Sounds like my least I have a new fun word for it...
    A drought in the desert doesn't seem surprising, lol.
    That picture is fantastic!!!
    Love you♥

  5. i simply cannot imagine a duststorm, being in the UK.... a great painting, though - makes me parched just looking at it!!

  6. I have only ever experienced a dust storm - once.. and I never want to experience it again.. I woke on morning and my whole home was covered in red dust from our inland.. thousands of miles away.. our pool looked like a mud bath. it took weeks to clean.. you are a strong brave woman loving the desert and heat.. !!