Saturday, May 26, 2012

Postcards for mermaids and everybody

 As part of the Inspiration Avenue postcard swap I made some cards with the idea of sending love around the world. Since I was still working on these earlier in the week I decided I should send love around the mermaid world as well. Mermaids need love too.
The word LOVE is wrapped around the world.
Including it in the Inspiration Avenue Mermaid challenge.
This postcard and the ones seen below are just some of the postcards I am sending out today.
They are all a little different but the message is the same.

Plenty of LOVE for everyone.

I have received some awesome postcards and will share here next time.
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  1. delightful! xo you are just a big ball of love, Gemma, you truly are xo

  2. Beautiful postcards.. lucky are those that find this treasure in their mailbox!!

    Thanks for sharing them!!!


  3. These postcards are beautiful! I'm so glad you participated in this week's IA mermaid challenge. The mermaids definitely need love and this is a lovely way to share it.

  4. Your postcards are just adorable. I love how you managed to combine to two challenges!

  5. Your mermaids swimming around the world are adorable!

  6. thanks for the LOVE*card,

    {{ i think
    i saw the red mermaid girl
    a*swimming by my beach
    i could B wrong }}

  7. oh perfect postcards for paradise, our world surrounded and swimming in LOVE!
    these are so bright and beautiful gemma....the world is a better place with your love circling it.
    what is everyone did this????

  8. These are so wonderful and endearing ~ colorful and creative ~ Love right back to you ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  9. gosh, I almost missed this fun post!!!
    Great art cards!!

  10. Your postcards are very inspiring and thought provoking and colorful. Thank you for sharing your corner of the world.

  11. You come up with the best ideas! I love your postcards.

    PS - you send love around the world all the time!

  12. Such a pleasure to receive a Love postcard either virtually or by snail mail, bet the postman could feel the Love vibes too! x

  13. Such a sweet idea. Those postcards are very cool. Thanks for your kind comment on my mermaid, I'm always nervous doing human form, even fish form is daunting!! lol.

  14. Mermail love! What a clever idea, love the postcards.


  15. You are so very talented.....I love your use of colors

  16. First thank you for dropping by my blog...we have the same thing on our and peace for all. Mermaids happen to be a favorite of mine, also, so to do a mermaid theme on your postcards is very intriguing to me.
    I will have to check out what you are doing. Sounds super fun. Have a lovely weekend with loved ones....smiles.

  17. Since you say there's plenty of love for everyone, I'll just grab some while I'm here! :)

    Hear My Voice

  18. Love does make the world go around! Love love love! Anna

  19. I love this! The earth painted so colorful and wrapped around with love.

  20. Very beautiful art and message a feast for the eyes in color!

  21. I received my p/c today Gemma and just love it. The sentiment is so heartfelt and I like how you cut the word out. Today was a good mail day - I had several p/c and NO bills or junk mail! I want every day to be like this! Thanks again.