Sunday, June 24, 2012


A few weeks ago while in Sedona I was window shopping at sunset.
The reflections on the windows were lovely.

These images are magical meditations of the life that I love.

Then this past week I had a mild heart attack.
now I am reflecting on
that list of things to do.
 I am just getting started. 

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  1. oh
    oh thank goddess
    You are up & blogging,
    to say the least!

    i was so Pleased
    to see that you had....

    {{ you already
    this lesson
    to live each day
    in the NOW...
    not much to change
    with that aspect of this...

    take care
    of your tender Heart }}

  2. good lord, take care! you create and do so many wonderful things, your plate must be overflowing.......The photos were incredible...

  3. Beautiful well.

  4. dear one,

    it does my heart so much good to "see" you here! oh gemma...what a scare and eye opener all rolled up in one! let's never forget to live each day one present moment at a time. let's never hold back with words and acts of love and kindness. you are such a radiant sunflower, bigger than life and easy to see, even in a field of beauties.

  5. Oh my lovely -- the reflections are wonderful. Healing energy (perhaps from those crystals???) goes out to you, along with big hugs.

  6. So very glad to see you here, Gemma. I knew something had happened but didn't know what. Very grateful that you are returning to strength and health.

  7. Wishing you all the energy you need to capture the magic of each new day and continue to share with us your beautiful reflections. Sue x

  8. Gemma, I thought of you when I heard there were problems. I didn't know it was a heart attack though. I am glad to hear that you are doing better and are already making plans. I'll pray for you and am so happy that you are doing better. Sending you ::healing thoughts.:: It feels like I've known you forever. Take care.

  9. Those are marvellous shots! I hope you are well on the road to recovery.

  10. So good to know you're home and blogging...that must mean you're feeling better. You gave us a scare! No more of that, please!!

  11. oh my oh and be well...and gaze into the healing light of these beautiful crystals and absorb the healing energies

  12. Lovely photos, Gemma. I do hope you are recovering from your life-threatening scare. I hope you are surrounded by beauty and healing energy. If not, then just stare into your photos from Sedona. Get well!!

  13. Oh Gemma,

    I am so glad you are doing better. I only just heard of this through the blogging wave, thank heavens I did, so I could come tell you about all the healing vibes I sent you this evening as I stood in the garden...

    SO so so many good thoughts weaving their way to you through the winds.

    A small tale with a point...

    A few weeks ago, I had some strange out of the blue reaction to something in the garden. Never happened before. I was covered in hives and very unhappy for two days, thinking it would go away. I went to bed and it got so much worse. Luckily, I awoke, gasping for air from a deep slumber, covered in more hives, throat closing in, and somehow crawled up some stairs to try to communicate to Mister lovee that something was wrong. Anaphylactic shock, etc. Felt my life slipping away, the whole bit.

    Point is.

    Two emergency room visits later.

    I found myself back at home healing, contemplating everything about my life.

    Mortality, yes. Oh yes. And yes.

    Feeling scared out of my wits and awakened back into life like a jolt, yes.

    I thought I was living, well and good before the thing.

    But I realized, maybe a kick was okay?

    Even though it scared me like nothing else ever has.

    What I am trying to say is that, in some little way...

    Some round about way, I sorta kinda know how you might be feeling.

    I am looking at my list too.

    I think about it every night.

    I had some really dark and scary days whilst thinking about mortality, and getting better from my little thing. Don't know if you have or will.

    But, just know, just in case, I am sending extra hearty vibes of goodness and healing.

    A huge hug. Hugs aid in the healing big time, I found out. Emotionally and physically.

    Much love, Vanessa

  14. Oh wow. Do you feel that? All this love and light that these incredible women of the blogland are sending out? I do. You are blessed. We are all blessed to be connected. I'm sending out prayers and light as well. Be well Gemma.

  15. Lovely reflections of gorgeous mountains in the sunset. Gemma, my prayers are being sent up for you dear friend. May your body heal itself rapidly.

  16. Dearest Gemma,
    I send my heart to you and hugs. I am currently going through something scarey involving my heart as well. It was all out of the blue and now I am waiting to get another opinion and an ablation. I am told it is electrical. I felt as it I had a heart attack and it was the scariest thing ever. It makes you re-think everything and changes all your priorities. Instead of one heart beat I have two which makes my heart beat extremely fast, three times as it should so I am waiting for a procedure to get done, hopefully very soon. Until then, for all my double heart beats, I would send you half of them if it would heal your heart.

    Please email me if you would like to talk.
    Praying for you with every beat!

  17. Email: