Wednesday, July 11, 2012


a little Hummingbird nesting in our Juniper

Stops to chat and thank us for the sweet water


  1. Sweet, thanks for sharing your little humming bird, a lovely morning here in the UK after being thoroughly soaked for the whole of spring and summer up to now! Our birds have no difficulty in finding water! x

  2. Clever you for capturing the ruby throated hummer. ?They move so quickly, you must really be on your game.
    hugs xx

  3. I don't know how you managed to capture this picture...I caught my first glimpse of a hummingbird last year...and it was so quick, it didn't register til she was gone.
    Happy Sunday. And Big Love♥

  4. oh gemma i can hear her song just looking at your photographs!
    we should all rise at sunshine and sing our thanks for another day of living!