Sunday, September 2, 2012

Postcard from Paradise

....early September....
I have been looking through pictures and postcards,
and found this one to share with you.
My family (Dad's side) helped settle the west.
My great grandfather and his wife are sitting
surrounded by their children
A notable thing about this family picture is the resemblence of that generation to
family members in this generation. The tallest man in the photo a great uncle
looks exactly like my brother Tim mustache and all.
The lady next to him could be my sister Suzy.
People say the lady on the left looks like a younger me with dark hair
Others in the photograph are mirror images of various aunts, uncles and cousins.
Trust that strong gene pool.
Too bad they didn't smile.

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Postcards from Paradise


  1. I think your great grandmother and grandfather have a little smile, perhaps they've learned not to take life too seriously by that age!

    Thanks for sharing.x

  2. What a great family picture. My family (dad's side) also helped settle the west/midwest. They were all in the southwestern corner of Kansas.

  3. Great photo. Cameras were serious business in those days, having to keep still for so long, and all that. How great to have that pioneer blood in your veins!

  4. Aren't vintage post cards great! Love yours ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. i love this shadow of the past so vibrant and alive in the living!
    and what about those amazing traditional rugs??? be still my heart!

    love you gemma and always so thrilled when our paths cross.
    (i've been painting sunflowers most of the day and have thought of you a hundred times at least!)

  6. Isn't this see such strong family resemblances!

  7. I see a hint of a smile in the great grands. Your family looks so strong and sturdy. It's how the west was built.

  8. That's so strange that you would pull out this picture. Yesterday I went on and started filling in my family tree and came across my mother's family tree already up.

  9. What a wonderful, sturdy lot they are. It is good to see the resemblances in this generation. Do the similarities also apply to personality characteristics?