Sunday, November 25, 2012

Postcard from Paradise

Have you ever found yourself
in a strange place?
 Lee and I were at someone's house/junkyard.
I didn't know who
Lee and the man were standing there drinking beer.
The yard was full of funky junk.
instead of being the um-teenth wheel,
(there were a lot of wheels in that yard)
I went exploring and took pictures.
You know the kind of day
when you wish you would've stayed home.
 I made friends with the kitty,
 imagined all of the cool ways I could use that junk in art,
 holy ground there
after all.
You have to work with what you get.


  1. gemma you are so right! you have an extraordinary way of always walking on holy ground!

    as for the cinnamon prayer beads, yes, the scent stays and stays!



    1. The holy land is everywhere. —Black Elk

      Watch where the branches of the willows bend
      See where the waters of the rivers tend
      Graves in the rock, cradles in the sand
      Every land is the holy land.

      Here was the battle to the bitter end
      Here's where the enemy killed the friend
      Blood on the rock, tears on the sand
      Every land is the holy land.

      Willow by the water bending in the wind
      Bent till it's broken and it cannot stand
      Listen to the word the messengers send
      Life from the living rock, death in the sand
      Every land is the holy land.

      "Every Land" by Ursula K. Le Guin, from Finding My Elegy. © Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012.

  2. That sweet little face peeking out just made me smile. And yes, I've had days like that where I wish I'd stayed home, and then somehow found my way to enjoyment.

  3. Holy ground--and paradise--is everywhere. We just have to have our eyes open!

    Postcard of Poems

  4. No matter what or where, you always seem to find a happy feeling to post and I always go away feeling good. xo

  5. I've often found that when I don't want to go somewhere that it ends up being far more than I expected. I guess having an open mind is the answer (memo to self!)
    Love the kitty!

  6. Now that was the purr-fect finding as you strolled about! purr-Zzzz