Thursday, January 10, 2013

Haiku my heart in a winters garden

 colder than usual
lettuce in the garden will freeze
so will tomatoes

Time to cover plants
deep freeze in desert tonight
thirty-two degrees F

~linked to
Haiku my heart


  1. here
    we are having monarchs
    feasting on milkweed !!

    does it normally freeze
    where you live, dear one ??

    {{ if there are green tomatoes
    i do hope
    you picked them
    to fry
    as that is what
    & they taste de*lish ♥ }}

  2. reality haiku ~ well penned ~

    A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

  3. Our gardens are under a winter blanket of snow here in New Hampshire. I was just thinking this morning how I miss the color green...Thanks for the taste.
    Happy Friday !

  4. Wow! I think it's colder there than it is here in the Northeast. It has been in the 40's and we expect to hit high 50's this weekend! Hope your plants survive!

  5. Warmer here right now, above freezing at night, but that will change within the next couple of days. Cold is relative anyway. Like the way you included every day living into Haiku.


  6. It's cold here, too but I don't have a garden to worry about...I wish I did though. We're enjoying a fire in the fireplace each evening. I love that part.

  7. Cold here -- you'd need at least an enclosure to grow lettuce in the fall, winter and early spring here in the Puget Sound area.

  8. I hope the covering protects all those lovely, luscious veggies!

  9. Those spirals of greens look so yummy... hope you got them in before any frost creeps beneath the blanket of cold that I can feel from your haiku!

  10. I'm just optimistic enough that your desert garden will survive. It may be nipped, but it will survive.

    Journey’s End

  11. I just wish I could grow them so beautifully as yours, we have Jack Frost lately! x

  12. dear gardener of souls and butterflies,
    STAY WARM! more cold to follow. being much higher up the mountain from you.. did i mention snow just yesterday morning?

    i am thinking of you so so much as i work on a host of details for upcoming bloom true san miguel. thank you gemma for being such a lovely part of that unfurling!

    miss you

  13. Am I the only one who laughed at the F?