Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I have been looking for a meaningful word for 2013.
There are so many great words to focus on.
The other day I went for a meditative walk, asking for one word,
one wild word that resonated within me.
A bird swooped down and "cawed."
My heart heard the message....
something connected with my essence.
but  is that word
More than a word it is a feeling and desire
to deeply connect with
the natural world
to listen to my heart
and pay attention to the sounds and symbols
 from the wilderness
I have chosen the word:
my love
and best wishes
Happy New Year to you all.


  1. That is a lovely word ~

    Happy New Day ~

    Cheers ~

  2. I struggle every year trying to figure out a word

  3. It is a word that fits your very essence my dear friend for you possess a 'trueheart'....very fitting. Happy New Year!

  4. Wonderful choice. And how do you know that Caw doesn't mean Trueheart in that birds language? I'm sure it must since it came to you in this way. Besides, anything that has the word or essence of the heart in it is good.


  5. {{ trueheart !!

    love it
    love it
    and so perfect for you
    because you
    Have One !!

    ♥ }}

  6. 'cor!' is a word of amazement in english slang... but i love your word trueheart!
    it took a while to find my word for 2013 - i posted today about it.
    may our words serve us well in this new year, as we learn more and more...
    blessings x

  7. Last year I actually did a PREFIX! ("RE" as in retire, renew, rebirth, etc.).

    This year I am doing a short phrase....LESS IS MORE....as I pare down, sort out and get ready this next part of life.

  8. So appropriate dear Gemma, I know few truer hearts than your own.
    My chosen word is 'Authenticity.'
    ---as in being true to myself.

  9. trueheart is a difficult thing
    but you are are the woman for the job...
    and I'll continue to follow your footsteps

  10. Gemma: "trueheart" being in nature-really being there, not just passing through- can provide a profound sense of peace and belonging.
    Wish you peace love and happiness as you journey through this New Year!
    love and light Anna

    You will have to be there in the desert for us both as I chose this year to listen to my inner voice and NOT travel to Az for a winter hiatus.Hogie will- the month of March only. Many reason why I stay home to experience my first Canadain winter in five years.
    My chosen word for this year is "happiness"

  11. Good word, Gemma. Mine is much more mundane but onsidering the upcoming wedding, appropriate. My word is "Planning".

  12. Happy New Year, TrueHeart! I love your first post of 2013 and looking forward to reading more throughout 2013.