Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ever get the feeling that you want to change things up a bit,  move the furniture around, paint a wall, update your space? This past week I've been working on my blog. What a commitment!! 
It may as well have been changing a whole room in my house.
Just want a simple place to share my words and art.

 So after quite a few template changes
 OOOh the colors I tried.
I arrived here!

 Happy now with:
                           ethereal colors
                           friends added
                           meaningful buttons
                           map of my world


  1. It looks serene and calm and beautiful.

  2. It really turned out nice Gemma. I need to cut back on all the "stuff" I have on my blog and just make it simple. It's so hard though, getting rid of things you've had. tee hee. Love your thoughts on this post. It looks great, love the colors. Take care dear.

  3. Gemma, I haven't heard from Carmen in a very long time. I check her Flicker page to see if she has added anything but as of late I don't know. I thing her daughter was sick? Not sure on that, just something I either read or heard. I think I'll try to get ahold of her. Thx for stopping by my blog. Take care.

  4. Your blog looks clean and crisp - lovely. I'm in the same zone although my blog is already minimal, but I wanted to make it more meaningful! I'm adding new interest categories which means 'commitment' attached, yikes! scary! x

  5. Changing blog decor is indeed a hefty job but now you can put your feet up and know it looks great! I absolutely adore your 'map of my world' - love it, what a fab idea!

    Kat X

  6. Ideal for you, Gemma. Love your map (as usual).