Sunday, March 10, 2013

Postcard from Paradise

While this vintage lace reminds me of my
grandmothers and some of my old aunts,
I love the intricate handiwork,
gorgeous muted colors

 Of course I am an old aunt and a grandmother now.
However this is NOT appropriate for me.
Somewhere a long the line I tuned into my inner
wild child
 Here I sit  in my unmatching stripey socks,
funky shirt and old faded jeans.
Postcards from Paradise


  1. oh gemma, i flat out adore you! suddenly i am seeing you in the courtyard of casa carmen with your paint splattered overalls, bright do-rag on your brilliant head, the new "halo" of a wild woman, dancing paint on a huge canvas.
    yep. priceless!!!

  2. With no picture????? Oh well. No matter. You paint a fabulously clear picture. Comfy. Cozy. Cottony. Isn't it lovely reaching that point in life?

    1. You have seen me...that's why no picture lol

    2. Yeah, that's true. Would like to see you again. I miss Arizona.

  3. This is so beautiful Gemma. I wish I could be that lovely. But, like you, I have old faded jeans and t-shirts and mismatched socks (on purpose), one striped, one with stars. LOL Who cares? And if they do, it's their problem, hmmmmm? Still, a lovely soft picture. Always fun to come here to gemmashouse.

  4. aaaahhhh ...

    stripey socks
    i do know well!!

    mostly i live in jeans & black t-shirts
    with boots or converse sneakers

    in the summer
    t-shirts & shorts
    with flip*flops ...

    oh welllll ...
    it makes me so happy,
    really ...

    2 stacks of black t~shirts:
    those splashed with paint
    those not YET splashed with paint ...


    isn't life grand, gemma !!
    paradise indeed !!

  5. Exquisite lace! And I too would probably be out of this lace and pearls world too! Far happier in my folk style clothes, bare feet and long hair! (That's when I am not going to work!) On work days, just the hair stays long and tied up!

  6. I love knowing I'm not the only grandmother whose favorite attire are jeans, and favored T-shirts. However, I do love looking at such lacy loveliness!

  7. I was thinking that it was a vintage wedding dress...? Beautiful lace!!! I love that you've given in to your inner wild child...but who knows? Lace might still have its way with you at some point!

  8. That is some beautiful lace and I love the soft colors but it wouldn't be for me either. I'm more of a faded jeans, funky tee shirt kind of gal...and usually they have paint splatters on them!

  9. Lace and crystals look even more beautiful
    when worn with faded jeans...
    someday when you have to look fancy ♥♥

  10. well you know, young at heart funky women are the new grandmothers and great-aunts!!