Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Desert

I'm a desert rat.
My Dad worked for the railroad.
His job moved him and our family
a lot in the early years.
We lived mostly in
one horse
Arizona and New Mexico desert towns.
As an adult I left the desert,
traveled the world,
lived in beautiful cosmopolitan cities.
Years later
I moved back to the desert.
Where I live today and LOVE it.


  1. I always did love your drawings and the ones especially of the maps you do of places you go, or like the one at the bottom, that's of your neighborhood. That's beautiful. My Grandfather worked for the railroad to. Sounds like an exciting life Gemma and how wonderful that you went back home. Home is where the heart is, isn't it? Have a wonderful day desert rat. tee hee. By the way, my Dad was born in Glendale.

  2. How interesting that you moved back to the dessert. I'd quite like to move back to where I grew up even though I left as soon as I was able. Isn't life funny?

  3. Love your image of the desert, the colours and simplicity they are fab. x

  4. What a beautiful piece of art - and the accompanying words are lovely.


  5. D is for 'delightful'.
    Like you ♥

  6. I know it's not the same thing, but we just moved to Bend, Oregon which is considered "high desert." It certainly feels desert-like compared to Northwest Washington which is almost the exact opposite of desert.

  7. I moved to tucson 5 years ago. I never want to leave!!!!

    Visiting from the A-Z challenge. ~ErikaJean