Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hydrant haiku

The city I live in has a lot of fun activities for its residents. A while back
they started an arts program  Glendale Hydrants for interested high school students to design and paint the local fire hydrants.

My haiku follows.

Colorful hydrant
our street corners radiant 
functional art piece


  1. What a cool idea! That hydrant looks a lot better than most I've seen.

  2. How much fun is that! A worthwhile project!

  3. Gosh, gemmagirl. What a challenge you have taken on. 26 letters. You are braver than me, but your art, photos and haiku have been wonderful. xoxoxo

  4. Love this hydrant. It's a good idea to paint them. Perhaps that keeps the grafiters away. If that is a word. You know what I mean though. It is very functional. Take care and continue with the challenge. I like what you are posting. Pea soup with ham hocks? Did you make it? :)

  5. Now that's a fire hydrant! Another great haiku.


  6. Love it, Gemma. Hydrants are one of those little items I look around for when I'm away from home. You never know what surprise is awaiting you. I've seen a few. There is one I especially liked in Calistoga, CA.