Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Olive trees

Olive Trees by Van Gogh

Olive trees bring blessings.
There are two that grow in my front yard.
~Like sentinels they stand guard
~White dove with olive branch symbolic of PEACE
~They are my sacred tree
~Connect to many cultures
~provide shade
~a home for birds


  1. When I visited daughter in Las Vegas she had an olive tree in back yard. I had never seen one before. They are quite interesting trees. Nothing like that here. Well, we do have kumquats. They are interesting little fruits. :)

  2. Oh yes beautiful olive trees . Many years ago, my Dad gave us a very small tree and from that tree have come many from cuttings and rooting. We have about 10 olive trees Gemma and they bear fruit, at least 4 that I know of. The rest are way out back. I've tried curing the olives but am afraid to eat them, lest I be poisoned. Awesome painting by VG. Your words I take to heart. ::hugs::

  3. And OLIVES!!!
    Have you read the book 'Sunflower"
    It's about Vincent...fiction,
    I enjoyed it.