Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Sacred in Ordinary

Ordinary household items
that have a history of love attached to them
qualify as sacred in the ordinary.
For example:
Pink glass passed down in our family.
My daughter Amanda now has
bowls, cups
and a few dishes
that were my mothers.
Lace collar
tatted by my great grandmother.
Worn by me on
 special occasions.
piano tunes 
Chopsticks duet,
Clair de Lune,
and the memories attached to them.


  1. I've been absent for way too long. This is a wonderful series you're doing. I love that pink glass pitcher and the tatted collar. Beautiful!

  2. sacred art-ti-facts...
    and can you play piano?
    cello and piano,
    my favorite sounds.
    I can't play anything :)