Monday, April 29, 2013

Z is for Zero posts left in April

Z is last alphabetically and this will be my last post in A-Z blog challenge.

She could never go back
and make some of the details pretty.
All she could do was move forward
and make the whole beautiful.
–Terri St. Cloud


  1. Nice thought. Regrets are useless. Learn and beauty arrives.

  2. It was a challenge indeed! I don't know about you but there were days when the last thing I felt like doing was coming up with some blog post - but... WE DID IT!!! Well done you (and me!). Big pat on the back :)

  3. Hello GMA! To blog every day so stressful..for me it is!
    To focus and harmonize your thoughts with an image takes time..lots of it!
    As you read in my latest post I had a lot on my plate this past winter explaining why I stayed home this yr.
    Life is good. Cats are happy. May has brought us gorgeous warm temps. and soon my world will be filled with Spring flowers!waving.. :)