Saturday, May 18, 2013

Postcards from Paradise

On the outskirts of Sedona is an awesome structure,
we've always called the "egg house".
For years we drove past it when it was all white.
A few years ago it was painted multi-colors.

Last week when I was visiting my daughter up there
we noticed a sign that
said "estate sale"
We had to check it out.
  We were invited in and took mini tour of the place.

 a mural painted outside on one of the eggs.

Blue eggs, pink roses

Breakfast nook off the kitchen
     They were selling a lot of household items through out the house.
I ended up buying some floating candles, a hacky sack, and a board game.
Postcards from paradise


  1. What a great piece of luck, Gem, being there for the estate sale and getting a tour. Sort of puts me in mind of our happy time at The Castle in Phoenix. Entirely different abode but much the same feel.

  2. cool that you got to see inside. I am so intrigued by unusual homes like that.

  3. fabulous egg houses !!

    {{ maybe you should add them
    to the next Edition of your
    ~~Map of My World~~
    i DO make reference to
    from time-to-time ...
    as i suffer map*lust
    yours is so handy
    & well*executed

    seriously ... }}


  4. Wowza! Awesome house. Paradise for sure. Wouldn't mind living in a place like that and get away from this cookie cutter life. Sigh.........thanks for sharing. Gemma, WHAT is a hacky sack?? xoxo

  5. oh my gemma you got inside the EGGS!!! love this and you to the moon and back. this morning as i walked and watered in the garden i was flooded with the thought of you. we must see each other soon!

  6. Oh I love a little house perusing, especially those eccentric ones, thanks for taking us along. x

  7. what a fascinating place... I really love that kitchen nook!

  8. what a GREAT! fun place. Can you imagine living here..

  9. Wow I've never seen anything like this structure! Amazing. Thanks for sharing!Red

  10. love you gemma...thanks for your visit today and the sharing of marys!

  11. What a funky house!
    That sounds like the most fun day!

  12. Very cool. It looks like a cool place to visit. Does someone live there? Or is it a cafe?