Friday, June 7, 2013

Haiku My heart

I was a stranger
compassion welcomed me in
 haiku's loving arms

May we always remember to extend kindness to strangers.
To see everyone and everything
including ourselves
as holy.
Haiku my heart


  1. Love the flower photos. In that second one, the flower on top has an eye looking at me. Kinda looks like an eye of an alien, or at least how they are depicted, all shiny and clear.
    Your haiku is spot on. Treated everyone as we want to be treated, with respect and kindness, is a key to a life well lived. What goes around comes around. Very good to be back and paying your pages a visit. I've missed you.


  2. welcome strangers because you know not when you entertain least that's the essence of a scripture verse! what spectacular captures of the lilies!

  3. BEautiful sunny flowers!! Happy weekend!

  4. We are all holy. If only everyone thought that way. Lovely photos and words. I too feel accepted into haiku's embrace.

  5. The biblical undertones in this offering make my heart quicken with joy!

    Nuzzling haiku

  6. Everything about your post today - the words, the photos ad the haiku - speaks of holiness and welcome! Thank you!Haiku My Heart Sunny

  7. I like to remember that everyone has their crosses to bear and that we have no idea what others are going through...therefore we need to be kind to strangers. Thanks for the sweet reminder!

  8. What a lovely and wise haiku. Have a nice weekend, hug from Holland!

  9. Thanks for the reminder, now I'm transfixed by the 'alien eye' Spado noticed or maybe it's the eye of 'an angel'! Who knows but it will be a reminder to treat as one wants to be treated as 'holy'!

    Have a lovely weekend. x

  10. dear gemma,
    your wisdom is woven from the heart of compassion. seeing each person we meet through the eyes of a mother who loves her child is to live in peace, acceptance and forgiveness.

  11. Haiku land is the best place to be! I totally love your haiku
    and you
    and your words to live by.
    And your flowers :)

  12. So very true...and the photos are beautiful!

  13. Beautiful Haiku. Love your photo and your words are heartfelt. Thanks Gemma, I am a little better. Still a lot of bruises and knees are very swollen, but tomorrow will be better. Have a great week.

  14. {{ every*time i visit you, missy,
    i send out a wish
    a hope
    a prayer
    we might met up
    & art together
    someday ...

    just saying ... }}