Sunday, June 30, 2013

Postcards from paradise

While walking down an old dirt road here in Arizona,
I found some rusty bits.
There was a rusted tin can lid, a nail, a screen
and an old pop bottle top.
Perfect ephemera for
Lisa Wright's Magical "RUST" journal
These are some of the pages I made for her:
screen door
Sun kissed, wind tossed girl named Rusty
 To see other artists work in this journal collaboration.
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Postcards from paradise


  1. Who would have thought one could make awesome art from old rusty found objects. You are so creative, girlie! xoxo

  2. Scrumptious!
    Rusty is GORGEOUS!
    Her hair, her eye, her freckles!!! I love her.
    How genius of you
    to forage and find such perfect elements.
    The little face in the bottle cap~ ♥♥
    Love you xo

  3. dear one,

    due to the devastating tragedy in our home town i am honoring those brave souls who lost their lives working diligently to protect others. i invite you to link this beautiful offering next week when i will open my blog again to mornings with mary.
    today is a time for prayers and tears.
    thank you for understanding the enormity of our loss.

  4. Rusty metal is so interesting in it's many shades and textures.

  5. Gemma, I love, love, love your art journal pages. How come I didn't know you kept an art journal? OMG! I hope you're not near the fire raging in AZ.

  6. Loves me some rusty dusty much energy and beauty !