Friday, September 27, 2013

Haiku My heart

During the month of September I have been working in
magical journal.
It is crammed full of love and goodness from all around the world.
Lisa's journal is so fat it won't stay closed
Lisa inspires me. Recently she made Milagros.
I tried my hand and included one on this
"shine" Madonna.
"Shine" with paper clay milagro
                Here are some of the other pages I made for Lisa:
9 artists, cross of nails, words of LOVE

It is the breathe of God you breathe

intuitive art
Listen quietly, softly 
with deep agape
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Haiku my heart


  1. oh my

    i am swooooning with de*light, gemma ...

    your journal your art you !!

    why O why
    don't you live closer to moi ??
    we could messy~paint
    all the day long
    draw wee maps
    such ...

    {{ How do you feel about Florida ?? }}

  2. BEautiful this journal that travels from one incredible artist to another...I too made milagros for my Our Lady of the Milagros...

  3. What a wonderful, creative way to share! I love it!

  4. What an incredibly inspiring document you artists have created together! Just beautiful.
    Happy friday !

  5. Lisa's journal looks like a chunky book. I love it. Your art is so very sweet and peaceful. I have an acquaintance who is challenged, and she has a companion dog she named Agape. What else could she? ")

  6. Making art together what a wonderful artist's statement of love, agape indeed! x

  7. Beautiful and creative art journal ~ love the milagro and haiku ~ carol ^_^

  8. It's so hard to listen softly in the crazy world...thank God we have our art to mellow and center ourselves!
    Like watercolors, I so adore the journals you artists make...but I leave it to others to do it so beautifully!

  9. such a beautiful way to connect.........a virtual hand holding from one artist to the next. These journals will be treasures to behold forever. Your art, Gemma, always speaks to the soul!!

  10. You and the other artists are creating a treasure, and one I'm sure will be enjoyed by everyone who sees it. Your pages are beautiful.

  11. dear gemma,
    i am drawn to those things that are born from the hearts of each of us. and i love what is made sacred by the offering of many hands.
    lovely. just like you.

  12. Gemma! I LOVE everything you have done for me!
    All of it!
    The milagro,
    the cross,
    the breath of God,
    the madonna,
    the 9
    the photo of the veiled woman...
    Thank you for 'tuning into'
    me so well...I'll treasure it always.
    ♥ ♥ ♥