Sunday, September 8, 2013

Postcards from home

...around gemmashouse
using a prompt from
shoot from the hip
The glimpses of my home
you see here were taken while the camera
sat on my hip.
I just pointed and clicked.

my Olive trees have character

Birding book at front door with binoculars on top ready
Window in front door see that little heart light?

Concrete vessel for seashells

looking up at a collage in my bedroom
 made by Lila Rostenberg
Postcards from  my home
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  1. ohhh sweet hip shots of the beauty that surrounds you! love sharing the mish mash with you!


  2. great shots; have a good Sunday

    much love...

  3. Oh, what a good idea, Gemma. So nice to get this glimpse into your personal world.

  4. I enjoyed these pictures very much...
    fun to see your world♥♥

  5. how wonderful, gemma,
    that UR doing deb's workshop !!

    so much to learn
    in the world i shall need to live 2 B 200
    at least ...

    you have OLIVE TREES !!

    Nnoooo !!
    a paradise over there
    hip height & higher ...