Monday, September 2, 2013

These are the journal pages done for Angie's white journal:

This one is called Moonbath.
Bathing in the angelic light of the moon
Here is Moonflower
also basking and blooming in moon light.
Included in her book an altered envelope
with love
tucked inside.


  1. Wow! Gemma these are beautiful. I love Moonbath. It has such a creamy look and great texture.

  2. The moon is a perfect subject for the color white. I love these pages and I have just had the good fortune to see them in person :D since I received Angie's journal from you the other day. I love the designs in the moon's gentle rays, and the cut-out white moon flower. Angie will treasure these pages!

  3. ♥Gemma♥
    You read my mind...I was looking for these pages
    just the other day.
    They are really pretty, so many shades of white,
    the moon idea was perfect!
    And scherenschnitte moonflower~wow!

  4. Loving your moon bath and moon flower. The textures and pattern created in your serene moon picture her wonderful. And I love the cut out white simplicity of the moon flower - very pretty. I'm sure Angie will love them both.
    Kat xx

  5. Wow Gemma, bathing in the light of the moon, being showered with magical moonbeams covering you with the calmness of the night... so serene! I can see myself there now under a full moon, surrounded by moonflowers!

    A wonderful addition to Angie's journal...Sad that I don't get to see your pages up close, but so glad they were shared!!

  6. Oh so gorgeous! You know, I would love if we could change the mailing direction, because as it goes right now, I never get to see any of your pages in real life. Thank you for taking such beautimous pictures- almost as good as seeing it in person ;) I love the angel, and I your moonflower was a brilliant thought- I wish I'd thought of it- they're one of my favorite flowers!