Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Trueheart Reflections

Trueheart reflections
a year learning to be true
listening deeply. 

"Trueheart" was my word for 2013.
When I chose it I expected  to use it as a barometer for making decisions, following my bliss, and honoring myself, my truth.
How did I do?

Trueheart is an ambitious word. There were plenty of times when my heart yearned for something that was physically impossible at the time. I gave up quite a few personal pleasures to watch my grandchildren.  They needed watching more than I needed to chase a blissful idea down the side street.
Was I always honest with myself? Frankly NO. I ignored some inner whispers.  And YES I did listen deeply and followed my instincts more often.
Took a trip to Mexico with sisters and cousins this year.
Felt comfortable with my truth and family differences. LOVE.
It was a life event.

Met a wonderful group of women artists/crafters in Aravipai Canyon on a wilderness retreat, completed a magical Journal journey, celebrated seasons with my moon sisters. I made art. 
In all a good year.

My trueheart is full of gratitude. THANK YOU to all of the powers that be. THANK YOU to infinity and beyond.
I have many blessings and thankfulness @ each new blessing.
Thankful for my family, friends, homeboys, local tribe, blogging friends, soul sis*stars, ancestors, earth, animals, trees, air, sky, sun, moon, stars, you.

In celebration of my grandchildren with love. 
New years blessings to all.
From my trueheart.

Adieu 2013


  1. This is the most bestest post Gemma!
    It is incredibly difficult to follow you own bliss all the time, especially for women, since family is always #1 in our hearts {except my mom. somehow she has learned the secret to having no guilt and not giving a damn :) }
    I know for sure my life is better for knowing you, are the High Priestess of enchantment....♥Love you♥

  2. Happiest of New Years, Gemma. xoxo