Thursday, June 19, 2014

Haiku My heart Matisse

Here is a peek @ a few pages done in Lisa Wrights magical journey journal. Her beautiful  journal honors Henri Matisse. Several artists have already contributed to this book and let me just say, the art in this book is amazing. I don't want to give away too much so will just show some of my additions.
Henri Matisse art
bright colors and patterns
wallpaper and drapes

I used wallpaper and drapery fabric from an
old wallpaper book 
to make this collage.

centerfold contains 
Matisse inspired designs and a paper clay
interpretation of "The Dream" by Matisse.

It was fun making up patterns,
designs, and color combinations.
My 8 year old grand daughter Tillie helped me.
I included one of her designs in this journal.
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Haiku my heart


  1. Gemma, Love your use of colors and textures on these journal pages. Very nice inspiration for Matisse. The collage of old wallpaper and fabric, genus! You are always thinking outside the box!

  2. Tillie must have so much fun with you. She will become a mini-you if this keeps up. Had to laugh at picture #1. Reminds me of myself from the back. LOL

  3. These are awesome Gemma and I love them. How sweet...with Tillie. Luvyaback!

  4. Total fun!!!
    I do love the freshness of Matisse!
    We had the pleasure of visiting his museum years ago and I bought a purse with his design.....not enough money for a painting!
    Happy summer!

  5. I love these Gemma! Your haiku frames them perfectly. What fun you and your granddaughter must have had making these. They just make me happy to look at them!

  6. luv the team-up of you and your granddaughter, what fun pieces.

    Have a nice weekend, thanks for stopping over at my blog.

    'Sunday Savvy' now a Sunday meme is about Sundays so remember to drop in and linkup

    much love...

  7. Lovely colourful additions. Glad Tilly enjoys helping you. It's always fun doing things with grand kids isn't it. Hugs xx

  8. Beautiful Gemma! I can see those inspirations put to such good use. I am so glad I chose Matisse, he has brought out some wonderful pieces from you all.

    You'll know from FB that I have your journal and was able to share it with Kate when she visited - she was very impressed! I am hoping to start on it today - it has been a crazy month!

  9. I enjoyed looking at your artwork. Love the "old wallpaper book" It sounds so charming and lovely.

  10. such a colorlicious salutation of LOVE!
    i am over the moon thing of you and tillie creating side by side.
    you are a conduit of true love.

  11. However did I miss this!!! So glad I scrolled down our FB page to make sure there wasn't anything I haven't seen! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Matisse pages- you have captured his essence perfectly and HOW lucky is Lisa to receive this!! Gorgeous-ness indeed!

  12. I'm sorry to get here so late but WOW what a delightful collection of pages you've created Gemma - they are so vibrant & gorgeous - some of your best ever work I think. Love the patterns, collage, colours & wonderful painting....seriously gorgeous! Lisa will adore what you've created for her I'm sure. Hugs, Kat xx

  13. Matisse is so much fun!! These pages are just amazing, I love every one of them. The color, patterns and images have captured Matisse to perfection! I'm excited that this will be the next journal I receive!