Saturday, July 19, 2014

Inspiration Avenue

After seeing Maggie's map art the other day I decided 
to try my hand at this weeks
 Inspiration Avenue Map challenge.

You can probably tell by the map located 
at the bottom of this blog
that I love map art.
Recently I have been thinking about the children 
from Central America who are stranded 
at our Southern border.
They are here because of all of the violence
and poverty in their own countries.
They are the tired, the poor, the huddled masses,
we should be helping.
They are not criminals.
I wish they could fly over the border
like birds.
Finding comfort and safety
here in the USA.
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  1. Love your bird. Very nice work and post. The thing is, we too have violence and poverty and many are homeless here in the good USA because lack of work. All our work has gone to other countries therefore we lose out. I feel for the kids, but where are their parents who bear the responsibility for their care? My thoughts about this Gemma. I always voice my opinion, you know that.

  2. Beautiful map art, Gemma! I'm so glad you played at IA this week and addressed this heartbreaking situation. Personally, I feel that we should not just deny and ignore what is befalling these children. The situations in their home towns must be horrendous because what parents would send their children off alone unless there were no other choice? The alternative could be death to entire families and most of those parents are grasping at a last-resort chance for their children. I know the US is too often expected to take care of things for other countries, but these are innocent, defenseless children.

  3. those children, and their families are in my heart everyday. i don't understand the selfishness of this country, the fear that helping other's anguish will somehow deprive their lives...we both know that the opposite is true...sharing brings abundance to everyone.
    the world just makes me so sad sometimes.
    Love YOU!!!
    {and your artwork, too}